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I'm Wessel, and I create digital art
Portrait of Wessel

Hey, I'm Wessel,
fourth year Art & Technology (CMGT) student,
come have a look at what I do.

About me

I'm a twenty-one year old student who's interested in creating things. Whether it's a website, a poster, a concept, a video or anything else that you can digitally create.


Picture manipulation

Programming (HTML, CSS & JS)

Video editing & producing



Education and projects


HAVO Graduate

Twents Carmel College (2012 - 2016)

Back in may 2016 I got my HAVO diploma.

Art & Technology

Saxion Hogeschool Enschede (2016 - now)

I'm now in the last year of Creative Media & Game Technologies (previously named: Art & Technology), I got my propaedeutic exam in the first year. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, the study is really broad and we get to do a lot of different things. Besides that I also like the fact that we are mostly busy doing practical stuff, I'm not the kind of person that wants to read books all day.

Honours Programme

Saxion Hogeschool Enschede (2017 - 2018)

In the year of 2017 - 2018 I was following an Honours Programme called Innovation and Business Creation. I'm glad that I followed this programme because we get to practice in the business and entrepreneurial world in a relatively safe environment. I decided to quite because it wasn't really my cup of tea anymore.

VWO-extra, HAVO-excellentietraject, International Project Week

I want to learn as much as possible, explore as many opportunities as possible.

I've been doing quite some projects or programmes besides my regular bachelor or college study. When the opportunity comes by to do something extra, or learn something new, I usually take it and put everything I can into it.

Work experience


CCV Shop

Intern Webdesign - Webdesign (2018 - now)

In September 2018 I started my internship at CCV Shop. As an intern I wanted to learn as much about web design, web development and e-commerce as possible. After a couple of weeks of introduction I got to know the system and their working method and started working for clients. I had an awesome time at the company, the colleagues were fun, the work was great and it brought me great pleasure. After I finished my internship (got graded a 9) I got offered a contract to continue working (when I have the time) for CCV Shop for the coming year. I still enjoy it a lot. Have a look at what our 'Premium Services' team is working on here.

Cafe - Restaurant Sterrebos

Waiter & Bartender (2013 - now)

I started working at Cafe - Restaurant Sterrebos when I was just 15 years old. I've been doing a lot of different things there, from garden service to bartender to waiter. This job gave me a lot of experience and knowledge in the working field. And improved my communication skills with clients and/or guests.

Things I like to do



I've been playing this sport for around 15 years

I've never been on a professional level with this sport though. I enjoy being in a team, seeing the team grow. Currently I'm in a team with my friends, and it's been great fun so far.

Creating a village newspaper

I'm working on 'Dorpsblad Beuningen'

Together with two fellow creatives, we are working on a newspaper for the small village I live in, we are responsible for the lay-out, design and updating it every three weeks.


When my friends don't want to go out and school work is done, I go online

There are quite some things that interest me but they are mostly tech-related, everything from the newest smartphone, to a new speaker.
Besides tech stuff I'm also really interested in cars, especially supercars, I love to go to events or car shows, to watch them, take pictures or read news about it.

Feel free to contact me by pressing the button below.